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Parents or guardians are required to volunteer at the school a minimum of 20 hours per year. Single-Parent households are required to volunteer a minimum 10 hours per year. The main office will be tracking parent volunteer hours. Please sign in at the main office to receive credit for your hours.

Please remember that in order for your child to be re-enrolled in OCCS for the following school year, you must have all of your volunteer hours completed before the last day of school.


It is the OCCS’s goal to provide a safe environment for students and staff while encouraging parents or guardians to work as school volunteers. In order to achieve this, volunteers shall be screened based on (1) the level of direct contact they may have with students and (2) the types of duties they may perform. Outside agencies that provide volunteers that work with students are required to screen their volunteers at a level consistent with this policy and provide evidence of insurance pursuant to board policy and/or practices.


All volunteer applicants must complete an online Volunteer Application, submit their government ID to the front office at school, through the Fast Pass system and receive approval before being assigned as a volunteer. In accordance with F.S. 943.043151, all school volunteers must be checked against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator/Offender database.


OCCS reserves the right to deny placement to an applicant volunteer based on any results not in accordance with OCCS standards or to revoke the volunteer’s clearance based on subsequent information.


OCCS shall maintain all volunteer application materials and records in a confidential manner consistent with F.S. Chapter 119 (Public Records). All files and other records maintained pursuant to this policy shall be stored in a central location.

Volunteer Levels

The "Volunteer Level" provides the minimum guidelines for determining the documentation and background check required. Each volunteer will be assigned to one of the following levels:


Volunteer Level I: A volunteer who has direct contact with students, within the presence of a school employee or is assigned duties such as an office assistant that may not directly involve students.


Volunteer Level II: A volunteer who has direct one on one contact with students outside of the presence of a school employee except as noted above.


Minimum Volunteer Level ll screening requirements: Same as Level I (complete an online Volunteer Application, submit government ID to the front office at school, through the Fast Pass system and receive approval) plus fingerprints.


Volunteers requiring fingerprints must bring an Authorized Fingerprint Form from Oak Creek Charter School to the Human Resources Department at the Administrative Center, Martin Luther King Building, in order to be fingerprinted. The fingerprints must be submitted to and cleared by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the FBI, and the District before the volunteer is able to serve in a Level II capacity. Fingerprints will need to be retaken every 5 years in order to maintain Level II status.



**No children under the age of 18 are permitted to accompany a volunteer anytime in the school or during field trips.

Volunteer Responsibilities

We realize that you are serving voluntarily and we consider your commitment to the program a valuable one. The volunteer along with the staff member should maintain a professional attitude and mutual respect. As a member of the educational team, the volunteer should remember the importance of:



The teacher has planned and scheduled student activities for you.  Please notify the volunteer contact at the school if you must be absent.



Never discuss or repeat any information about a child with anyone other than the appropriate staff member. Students have a right to confidentiality under Florida Statute 228.093


Discuss any ideas or questions with your assigned staff member; do not let a misunderstanding become a problem.


School procedure and policy

Familiarize yourself with the school’s rules, plans and procedures.



Be honest in your approach and attitude, it will aid in developing trust with staff and students.



Be patient and positive when working with students. Encourage and expect them to succeed.



Try to be flexible when responding to the needs of the staff and students. Everyone has on/off days.



Be consistent while dealing with students. They come to rely on those who are steady and true.



With a warm smile and kind words you can accomplish miracles.


**Remember….Volunteers should never be put in the position of having to enforce discipline. That is the responsibility of the teacher or administrator. Immediately notify a staff member if you are encountering a discipline problem.

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