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Gwen DaPore – Executive Director

Ms. DaPore began teaching in 1969 as a fifth grade teacher in Piqua, Ohio. She taught for two years in a township school, K-8, and was convinced early on, that the “Field of Education” was her niche.  She relocated with her family to Centerville, Ohio, enabling a closer commute for her husband’s occupation and subsequent to her second child, began working for the West Carrollton City Schools, in 1972.  She worked for this district the next twenty-nine years, successfully teaching grade levels second through sixth.  

She received excellent interdisciplinary curriculum training that encompassed and fostered student critical thinking skills while working in West Carrollton, via the AIMS Program (Activities Integrating Math and Science) and Talents Unlimited for gifted students. She became one of the paramount trainers of the AIMS Program for her school district, concurrently, with training many teachers throughout the state of Ohio.

Ms. DaPore relocated to Florida in 2009 to assist in creating and building the Prep and Fitness Schools in SW Florida.  She became the principal of Bonita Springs Preparatory and Fitness Academy and facilitated the growth and development of two other Prep and Fitness Academies until they were sold in June of 2013.

She became a Board Member of Oak Creek Charter School (OCCS) for the school year 2013-2014.  During 2014-2015, she volunteered at GCCAS by tutoring sixth grade students in math while concurrently evaluating and training new teachers in using effective teaching methods and classroom management techniques.  Her assistance in these areas has been invaluable to GCCAS. She continues to be a dynamic teacher and educational leader, which she is now sharing her superior abilities and level of expertise with both GCCAS and Oak Creek Charter as Executive Director.  

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Jose Rubio - Principal

Mr. Rubio graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Biology. Subsequently, he earned his Master of Science Degree in School Building Leadership from St. John’s University, New York. 

Mr. Rubio began teaching in 2000 as a high school science teacher in his hometown of New York City. During his second year of teaching, Mr. Rubio was chosen by his colleagues as a member of the School Leader Team at Manhattan Village Academy. In 2003, as a Grade Team Leader, his grade level received the award of the Best Grade Level Team by the school’s administration. In 2004, Mr. Rubio joined St. Raymond High School team and the following year, he was credited with replacing the entire Chemistry curriculum. This alteration facilitated the overall school in attaining high scores, or, significant learning gains on the State’s Chemistry exams. In 2008, he was named Head of the Science Department.  During his tenure as Head of he Science Department, he reconstructed the entire science curriculum and secured funds to build three new science labs at his school. During his teaching years at St. Raymond High School, he earned a scholarship that allowed him to return to St. John’s University for further study. 

In 2015, he relocated to Washington, D.C. to become the Assistant Principal of a middle school, Meridian Charter School. Moreover, within four months, he was also named the Assistant Principal of the elementary campus concurrently. In 2016, he became the Principal of Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs K-8. It had been evident in his previous schools that he excelled in enhancing the school’s academic programs and advancements. At Oak Creek Charter School, he has also excelled in creating a vibrant and unified school environment where he is respected by all stakeholders. He has been instrumental in generating a school setting with a warm and familial atmosphere where the children are able to thrive, additionally, it is one of those unique schools where that warm and family atmosphere is felt as soon as you enter the school doors.  

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Kevin Riegal - Dean of Students

Mr. Riegel earned his educational degree from the University of St. Francis.  In 2000, he transitioned from being a Public Parks Director to the field of educational instruction in the State of Illinois. During that period, he served on several city parks and school committees.

In the community where he resided, Mr. Riegel served as an advocate for varying animal rescue groups.  Moreover, he served as the Chapter Instructor for the American Red Cross, as well as, the Head Swim and Track Coach for local aged teams, concurrently, was the Head Swim and Track Coach of the local high school.  His diligent leadership and coaching abilities led to his attainment and recognition as Lee County’s Coach of the Year Award in 2012.  Furthermore, in 2016, his effective teaching methods and classroom management techniques earned him the title and award as Oak Creek Charter School’s Teacher of the Year. 

Mr. Riegel has served as the Team Lead in the middle and high school departments of Math and Nova Net credit retrieval.  In addition, he has served as Oak Creek’s Testing Coordinator for the past three years and has been a highly successful teacher of middle school math for the past six years.  Mr. Riegal was named, Dean of Students at Oak Creek Charter School of Bonita Springs for the school year 2018 - 2019.  Finally, Mr. Riegel is an avid Chicago Cubs fan and loves to go swimming, if he has free time.

Faculty / Staff Contact List



Ms. Gwen DaPore – Executive Director

Email: gdapore@oakcreekcharter.org

Mr. Rubio – Principal

Email: jrubio@oakcreekcharter.org

Mr. Riegel – Assistant Principal

Email: kriegel@oakcreekcharter.org

office staff


Ms. Lacie Ruhl - Office Manager

Email: lruhl@oakcreekcharter.org

Ms. Michelle Kirk - Office Manager Assistant

Email: mkirk@oakcreekcharter.org

Ms. Emma Cardenas - Office Manager Assistant

Email: ecardenas@oakcreekcharter.org




Ms. T. Abel 

Email: tabel@oakcreekcharter.org 

Ms. Elabed
Email: eelabed@oakcreekcharter.org


Ms. D’Angelo

Email: adangelo@oakcreekcharter.org 





Ms. Barry

Email: mbarry@oakcreekcharter.org 


Ms. Ciaurro

Email: jciaurro@oakcreekcharter.org 


Ms. Y. Perez
Email: yperez@oakcreekcharter.org



Ms. DaPore
Email: edapore@oakcreekcharter.org

Ms. Dyen-Shapiro
Email: gdyenshapiro@oakcreekcharter.org

Ms. Viamonte
Email: sviamonte@oakcreekcharter.org 



Ms. Palumbo
Email: cpalumbo@oakcreekcharter.org


Ms. Preisendefer
Email: mpreisendefer@oakcreekcharter.org 

Ms. Skudin
Email: ncoluzzi@oakcreekcharter.org


Ms. Zell
Email: nzell@oakcreekcharter.org 






Ms. Fitz

Email: hfitz@oakcreekcharter.org 


Ms. Hoban

Email: dhoban@oakcreekcharter.org 





Ms. Flores

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Ms. Laurenzi

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Ms. Monroe

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Mr. Abel

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Mr. Boles

Email: wboles@oakcreekcharter.org 


Ms. Ventresca
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Ms. E. Potts 

Email: epotts@oakcreekcharter.org


Mr. Meeks 

Email: jmeeks@oakcreekcharter.org


Ms. S. Mejia

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Ms. Z. Lowell-Mejia

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Ms. Szymkowski

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Mr. Dolz

Email: fdolz@oakcreekcharter.org 

Mr. Lee
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Mr. A. Potts

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Mr. Skudin

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Ms. Reales

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Mr. Angel Rubio
Email: arubio@oakcreekcharter.org





Ms. Mann

Email: smann@oakcreekcharter.org


Ms. Seeger

Email: dseeger@oakcreekcharter.org 

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